Lost + Found has been created to act as a digital archive for found photographs. A place to celebrate and question the curiosities which surround found photography. 


Lost + Found is an online community-driven project, working to create a space that generates conversation, questions, and curiosity.   


Lost + Found acts as an archive of people - a visual documentation of life. 


With the ever-growing rise in the popularity of photography, there is a growingly large side-effect - the amassing of a vast body of images whose photographers, subjects, and purposes remain unknown. Many of these lost, unclaimed, or disposed of photographs are some could-be showpieces and uncountable amounts of everyday vernacular snapshots.

Every day thousands of photographs are misplaced and discarded, they often end up losing their history and having their stories erased. These photographs can find their way into the hands of artists and collectors alike, who share a curiosity into the origins of the forgotten and found photographs.


Unearthing the original meaning and context of found photographs can sometimes be impossible with little to no information on its original narrative. It is the unknown of these photographs that creates a curiosity, that provokes memories, and a desire to create your own narratives from the visual clues held in the object of the photograph.

For many, it is the endless unknown that surrounds found photography that intrigues them. It is the familiarity of the vernacular snapshots which invites the audience in, whilst still being elusive.

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