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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hi, welcome to Lost+Found, here's a little guide to our website and what you can expect to find on each page!

The central focus of our website is our gallery of found photographs - made up from community submissions. Click on the photographs that interest you to see if the finder knows any clues about its story. Our gallery is always updating with new found photographs and stories to share. If you have a found photograph, and would like to share why it interest you and what you know about it, head to our 'submit' page for more info.

Our Curiosities page celebrates the unknown stories that found photographs hold, and the stories they inspire us to write. Here, we share story submissions created for our found photographs. Working from the visual clues, these stories explore the lives and moments captured, that have been forgotten through time.

In our community page, you can become a member and start discussions and ask questions in our community chat. Create a profile, and share your photo finds, stories, tips and questions.

Those are the three must visit pages of our site (besides this blog, of course). We share some of our favourite found photographs and stories over on our Instagram page as-well, so be sure to check that out!

We cant wait to see some of your found photographs and stories soon!


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