Share with us your found photography, along with a description of how you acquired the image, any information you may have about it (are there any visual clues about its purpose and history? Any notes on the image back?), and why it interests you.

Send your photograph to, with "photo submission" as the subject, making sure to include your story of acquiring the photograph. Images must be sent as JPEG's, no bigger than 8MB.

Please note, when submitting your found photo, please ensure you hold a legitimate claim to ownership of any photograph. Any images submitted should be of photographs that you own a physical copy of or have recently owned.

The intention of this virtual archive is to always celebrate the curiosities that surround found photography and add interest to what is an engaging pursuit of collecting interesting old images.

The Administrator will not share submissions, and if necessary will remove images, that do not follow these guidelines.

If we have published a photograph that is of you/ belongs to you or a relative and you do not want it on this site, please contact us by email: and the administrator will remove it.

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